PRIMPS 22 Recap

PRIMPS 22 was hosted by ROC at their new centre in Cleveland, over the road from Redland Hospital and just a short drive from the Cleveland marina with it’s seafood restaurants and jumping fish; a really fun and exciting place for a physics meeting! The afternoon featured interesting and enjoyable presentations from Candice Milewski (Université Paris-Saclay, interning in the Radiation Oncology Department at RBWH), Deb Tout (Nuc Med Physicist at Gold Coast University Hospital) and Guy Godwin (National Director of Medical Physics, Radiation Oncology Centres). Guy Godwin provided an introduction to the Verishield radiation shielding solution implemented at ROC Cleveland, before hosting a tour of the facility that included an opportunity to lift and hold one of the (surprisingly weighty!) shielding blocks. The presentations and the tour inspired animated discussions over coffee and snacks in the ROC tea-room, and (for some) further discussions on the train ride back to Brisbane. Thanks go to Rebecca Murray and everyone from ROC who helped organise the event.


PRIMPS 22 will be held at ROC Redlands, Bayside Business Park, 16-24 Weippin Street, Cleveland on the 26th May, from 3 to 5 PM. If you are interested in attending or making a presentation, please RSVP your attendance to Rebecca Murry. The flyer for the event is available here.

PRIMPS 21 Recap

The Progress and Research in Medical Physics Series turned 21 on the 3rd March. The meeting, held at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital, featured presentations from:

  • Michael Bernado, on the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital.
  • Samuel Peet, on the Catalyst HD optical surface monitoring system.
  • Trent Aland, on a novel film dosimetry digitisation technique.
  • Alex Livingstone, on the development of an independent Monte Carlo dose checker.
  • and our chair, Tim Ireland, on monitoring dose to the lens of the eye.

There was a impressive turnout with students from the QUT Masters course; and clinical physicists coming from the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and even Rockhampton (over 500 km away) Discussions continued over drinks at the Normanby.


PRIMPS 21 will be held on the 3rd March, from 3-5PM, at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Education Centre. We already have registered presentations from RBWH and BTS, but it would be great to get updates from as many centres as possible. So if you have been doing some work and want to share it with your peers or get a discussion started, please let us know when you RSVP your attendance with the branch secretary, Emma Spelleken. The flyer for the event is available here.

After PRIMPS we will be migrating to the Normanby Hotel for some lively scientific discussion.

EPSM 2015 Queensland speakers

Today is Medical Physics day! AKA the birth date of Marie Sklodowska-Curie, who on this day in 1867 was born in Warsaw, Poland. She is most famous for her contributions to medical physics: her discovery of polonium and radium in 1898; and her subsequent Nobel Prizes in 1903 and 1911. That makes today Medical Physics day!

It also means that EPSM, the annual Australasian medical physics conference, is about to convene. The conference will kick off with a welcome reception tomorrow at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. Looking at the programme schedule, it appears we have 12 speakers from the Queensland state branch this year!

Monday, 9th November
Time Speaker Presentation
14:15 Scott Crowe Initiatives of the ACPSEM Queensland branch
16:00 Catherine Jones Optimisation of EBT3 dosimetry for quality assurance of SRS and hypo-fractionated VMAT radiotherapy treatments
16:30 Scott Crowe Women in medical physics: numbers in Australasia
17:15 Millicent Chan Commissioning of the electron module in the Pinnacle3 treatment planning system

Tuesday, 10th November
Time Speaker Presentation
11:00 Scott Crowe 3D printing of air slab caps for correction free small field dosimetry
11:15 Tanya Kairn Use of 3D printing to produce radiologically robust phantoms
14:30 Salma Ibrahim Very small field dosimetry for Elekta Infinity with Agility MLC: diode design and field size reporting
17:00 Scott Crowe On the selecton of gamma criteria
17:15 Catherine Jones A phantom based study of the effect of intra-fraction motion on EPID dosimetry

Wednesday, 11th November
Time Speaker Presentation
10:15 Ian Smith Evaluating the influence of radiographers on radiation use in cardiac angiography procedures
13:45 Sarah-Ellyana Aliuddin Comparison of paediatric CT doses for common examinations in Queensland, Australia

Thursday, 12th November
Time Speaker Presentation
11:00 Tanya Kairn Achievable dose gradients in spinal radiotherapy treatments delivered via Tomotherapy

25th Symposium recap

The 25th ACPSEM Queensland branch symposium was held on the 28th August, 2015, at the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

The day started with the 2nd ACPSEMQ winter school on introducing new technology in the clinic. Dr. Jonathan Sykes spoke on the topic before the DIMPs and ROMPs split up to attend workshops. The DIMPs visited the new PET/MR at the Princess Alexandra Hospital and enjoyed presentations from Prof. Ken Miles, Dr. Anders Rodell and Tale Liiv. The ROMPs split into groups for a series of commissioning challenges, where they were asked how they would implement: SRS with the GammaKnife (with Katrina Biggerstaff), SBRT with the Vero (with Scott Crowe), proton therapy (with Paul Charles), and MR linacs (with John Shakeshaft).

The symposium began after lunch with the invited speakers Dr. Jonathan Sykes and Prof. Dale Bailey. The proferred presentations started after afternoon tea, with Ben Perrett and Mikey Bernado awarded the Symposium prizes for best presentations, while Scott Crowe won the ‘best kept to time’ prize.

Tim Ireland was awarded the Bob Fitchew award, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the profession, both in terms of physics support at the Gold Coast University Hospital, and his many contributions to the branch.


25th ACPSEMQ Symposium

The 25th ACPSEM Queensland branch symposium will be held on the 28th August, 2015, at the Russell Strong Auditorium, Princess Alexandra Hospital. The Winter School, introduced last year, will also be returning. The theme for the day is “Future Innovations and Healthcare Technology.”

Winter School

The winter school will begin at 9AM at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. Workshops will be run for both DIMPs and ROMPs on the introduction of new technologies in the clinic. A DIMP flyer and ROMP flyer are available.

The winter school is free for members of the ACPSEM. DIMPs interested in attending should email Tim Ireland. ROMPs interested in attending should email Katrina Biggerstaff. RSVP before the 14th of August.


This year marks the 25th ACPSEM Queensland branch symposium. We have invited 2 keynote speakers from New South Wales –

  • Prof. Dale Bailey, from the School of Medical Radiation Sciences at the University of Sydney and principal medical physicist at the Royal North Shore Hospital.
  • Dr. Jonathan Sykes, head of radiation oncology medical physics at the Blacktown Cancer Care Centre and chief research physicist for the Sydney West Radiation Oncology Network.

More information, including a timetable, can be found on the flyer.

The call for presentations is open until the 14th of August. Those interested should send a brief description of their topic to Katrina Biggerstaff. Speakers will be allocated 5 minutes to deliver their presentation and 2 minutes for questions. There will be prizes!

Those who only wish to attend can RSVP to, you guessed it, Katrina Biggerstaff, by 14th of August.

EPSM 2015 Reminder

Just a reminder – the abstract submission deadline for the upcoming EPSM conference in Wellington is Wednesday 15th July. This deadline has already been extended once – don’t miss your chance! The EPSM 2015 conference will be held at the beautiful Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. Abstracts can be submitted here.

Support the Duck Challenge

The ACPSEMQ will support the Duck at the annual Support the Duck event run by the PA Research Foundation on October 18th. It’s a great opportunity to support cancer research and promote medical physics to the wider community. The team challenge involves designing a motorised or non-motorised duck to float down 25m or power down a 100m section of the Brisbane river. The teams receive a GIANT Race Duck, t-shirts and everything needed to get started. The best team wins a mystery prize!

Please lend your support to the ACPSEMQ team here. For more information on teams, joining or donating contact Katrina Biggerstaff.


PrIMPS 16 has been organised for June 5th, from 3-5PM, at the sparkling Translational Research Institute (TRI) Australia, near the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

This PrIMPS will be an open event, where members within the TRI building have been invited to attend. PrIMPs 16 will therefore have some presentations introducing Radiation Oncology and Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics to non-medical physicists. This is a rare opportunity for medical physicists to tour a leading medical research and biopharmaceutical facility, and perhaps more excitingly, form some new partnerships and collaborations.

All are welcome to attend the presentations, however RSVP for a tour of the facility is mandatory as space is limited. Members will be given priority. A flyer is available here. RSVP to: Dr Katrina Biggerstaff.