PRIMPS 28 – 3D printing in Radiotherapy and Diagnostic Imaging

PRIMPS 28 will be held on 28th June from 3-5pm at Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

REGISTER NOW at the following link:

CPD points are available for attendees with additional CPD points for those who present.

Thanks goes out to Kurt Byrnes (SCUH) for providing space for the event.

PRIMPS is a regular informal ACPSEM QLD event that allows all ACPSEM members to present work to a group of their peers.

Current Presenters:

David Willis  (SCUH) – “A Vision for 3D Tech in Rad Onc at SCUH”

Scott Crowe RBWH) – “3D Printing of Quality Assurance Phantoms”

Tim Ireland (BTS)- “3D Printing in Radiology”

Paul Charles (Herston Biofab) – “The Herston Biofabrication Institute”

Christian Langton (3D one)  – “Advanced Manufacturing of Medical Devices for Radiation Therapy”

Open Forum –  “The Future of 3D Printing in Medical Physics”

If you would like to present on any topic, please contact Chris Noble (

PRIMPS 27 Branch Meeting – Recap

Photo: PRIMPS 27 attendees

PRIMPS 27 was held on Friday, 29th March 2019 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm at the Education Centre in The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital campus.

The event focused on applications of MRI in diagnostic imaging and in radiation oncology.

PRIMPS 27 – Presentations
The talks can be viewed below:

MRI in radiation therapy treatment planning – Jason Dowling, A/Prof
Viability of MRI-only proton treatment planning using synthetic CT – Matthew MacDonald
ADC as a biomarker from MRI – Shermiyah Rienecker, Ph.D
Is AI ready for End to End Care? – Elliot Smith, Ph.D

Open Forum – AI and Machine Learning
An Open Forum was held after the talks to discuss the state of AI and machine learning in healthcare and how ACPSEM members can respond to this growing area.

Chris Noble led the discussions and highlighted some of the key issues raised by the use of AI and machine learning software, namely:
– How will AI be used in Medical Physics?
– Who is liable for the outcomes?
– Who has responsibility?
– How should ACPSEM members interact with Software as A Medical Device (SaMD)?
– Do we have sufficient expertise?

The general opinion was that ACPSEM members should position themselves in such a way that they are able to assess and verify the outcomes (e.g. diagnosis, treatment plans) that the software produces. Identifying the usefulness of apps, managing risks of adopting the software and being a part of the procurement process were also discussed.

More opportunities for professional development targeted specifically at this fast growing field are required.

Photo: Chris and Elliot discussing regulation of AI and machine learning software

PRIMPS 27 – MRI in Radiotherapy

PRIMPS is a regular informal ACPSEM Qld event that allows all ACPSEM members to present work to a group of their peers.

Presentations are invited from all ACPSEM Specialty Groups:
• Biomedical Engineering
• Diagnostic Imaging (Radiology and Nuclear Medicine)
• Radiation Oncology
• Radiation Protection
• Radiopharmaceutical Science
• University

To register to attend, visit the following link:

If you would like to present, please contact:
– Chris Noble ( or
– Mikey Bernardo (


The second PRIMPS event of 2018 is now here!

Date: Friday 8th June 2018
Time: 15:00-17:30
Location: BTS, Gregory Terrace
Extra bonus feature: Learn about the IQON Spectral Computed Tomography system
RSVP by: 5th June

There are still spots available for anyone who wishes to present. Contact the ACPSEM Qld branch Secretary (Emma Spelleken) to confirm your attendance, volunteer to present, or request more information.

PRIMPS 24 recap

PRIMPS 24, the first meeting in the “Progress and Research In Medical Physics Series” for 2018, was hosted by Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH) on the afternoon/evening of 23rd March 2018. Most of the large crowd of visiting physicists from Brisbane and the Gold Coast arrived on a minibus hired for the occasion and were then treated to a tour of the impressive Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology facilities, and the beautiful buildings and gardens of SCUH, by Mikey Bernardo and Francis Gibbons. After the tour, we had the pleasure of listening to and learning from eight fascinating and friendly presentations:

  • Lucy Cartwright of UNSW – KIM vs CBCT
  • Daniel Serra of BTS – Pitfalls and issues in radiation shielding design
  • Deborah Carrick of GCUH – ROLLIS (Radio-Occult Lesion Localisation using I-125 seeds)
  • Elaine Ryan of BTS, working with University of Sydney – Improving the accuracy and reproducibility of breast tumour receptor status reporting using laser imaging
  • Athreya Sherma Buddhavarapu of QUT, working with SCUH – QATrack+ and routine output QA
  • Tanya Kairn of RBWH – Linac leakage dose measured using OSLDs
  • Lynsey Hamlett of SCUH – The introduction and validation of a model basd dose calculation algorithm for brachytherapy
  • Georgia Brown of PAH, working with RBWH and QUT – Dosimetric outcomes of respiratory gated breast radiotherapy

Scientific events were followed by drinks at a stylish venue just a few minutes walk from SCUH, with views onto an inlet of Lake Kawana, and then an informal dinner at a nearby Thai restaurant.

Many thanks go to Mikey Bernardo for organising this memorable PRIMPS event.


PRIMPS 24, the first meeting in the “Progress and Research In Medical Physics Series” for 2018, will be hosted by Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH) on the afternoon/evening of 23rd March 2018.

1:00 pm Bus departs Brisbane for SCUH
2:30 pm Tour of Medical Imaging (Radiology & Nuclear Medicine/PET) and Adam Crosby Cancer Care Centre
3:00 pm PRIMPS presentations
5:00 pm Post-PRIMPS refreshments/drinks/dinner
7:00 pm Bus departs SCUH for Brisbane
8:30 pm Bus arrives in Brisbane
Read the PRIMPS 24 flyer

Contact the ACPSEM Qld branch Secretary (Emma Spelleken) to confirm your attendance, volunteer to present, or request more information.

ACPSEM Qld Branch AGM and PRIMPS 23 Recap

The 2017 ACPSEM Qld Branch AGM was hosted by Biomedical Technology Services (BTS) in Spring Hill, in December 2017. After the usual annual reports from the Branch Chair and other office bearers (and the election of the new Branch committee), the AGM concluded with a touching expression of gratitude from outgoing Chair, Tim Ireland, to all members of the Queensland branch, but especially to those most involved in ACPSEM events, panels and committees at the state and national level, for helping to make 2017 an outstanding year for all of us. (Eg. Queensland’s Ian Smith was the national ACPSEM President, Scott Crowe was the chair of the Professional Standards Board, and Simon Critchley and David Thiele made valuable contributions to the board of ARPAB and the ACPSEM Membership Committee, respectively.)

After a short break, a brief and animated PRIMPS meeting took place. This event, the 23rd meeting of the Progress and Research In Medical Physics Series, involved scientific presentations from Tim Ireland (a review of fluorscopic imaging procedures during swallow tests which included a modest description of a comprehensive investigation that has the potential to lead to better outcomes – clearer images from less imaging dose – for all Queensland head-and-neck fluoroscopy patients) and Tanya Kairn (a report on recent small field scatter factor measurements which included some gleeful and transparent boasting about the relationships between work done by Queensland medical physicists and the new IAEA small field dosimetry code of practise, TRS-438), as well as some robust Q&A from many interested participants.

These events were followed by yummy snacks and friendly chats at the BTS offices.


The 2017 ACPSEM QLD Branch AGM will be held in conjunction with the PRIMPS 23, at Biomedical Technology Services (450 Gregory Terrace, Spring Hill). The AGM will be held between 4:30 and 5:30 PM, and is open to all members of the branch. PRIMPS will be run directly after, from 5:30 to 7:00 PM. Please RSVP your attendance to either (or both!) events to branch secretary Emma Spelleken, and indicate if you are interested in presenting work. This information is also available in the flyer.

PRIMPS 22 Recap

PRIMPS 22 was hosted by ROC at their new centre in Cleveland, over the road from Redland Hospital and just a short drive from the Cleveland marina with it’s seafood restaurants and jumping fish; a really fun and exciting place for a physics meeting! The afternoon featured interesting and enjoyable presentations from Candice Milewski (Université Paris-Saclay, interning in the Radiation Oncology Department at RBWH), Deb Tout (Nuc Med Physicist at Gold Coast University Hospital) and Guy Godwin (National Director of Medical Physics, Radiation Oncology Centres). Guy Godwin provided an introduction to the Verishield radiation shielding solution implemented at ROC Cleveland, before hosting a tour of the facility that included an opportunity to lift and hold one of the (surprisingly weighty!) shielding blocks. The presentations and the tour inspired animated discussions over coffee and snacks in the ROC tea-room, and (for some) further discussions on the train ride back to Brisbane. Thanks go to Rebecca Murray and everyone from ROC who helped organise the event.


PRIMPS 22 will be held at ROC Redlands, Bayside Business Park, 16-24 Weippin Street, Cleveland on the 26th May, from 3 to 5 PM. If you are interested in attending or making a presentation, please RSVP your attendance to Rebecca Murry. The flyer for the event is available here.