PRIMPS 27 Branch Meeting – Recap

Photo: PRIMPS 27 attendees

PRIMPS 27 was held on Friday, 29th March 2019 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm at the Education Centre in The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital campus.

The event focused on applications of MRI in diagnostic imaging and in radiation oncology.

PRIMPS 27 – Presentations
The talks can be viewed below:

MRI in radiation therapy treatment planning – Jason Dowling, A/Prof
Viability of MRI-only proton treatment planning using synthetic CT – Matthew MacDonald
ADC as a biomarker from MRI – Shermiyah Rienecker, Ph.D
Is AI ready for End to End Care? – Elliot Smith, Ph.D

Open Forum – AI and Machine Learning
An Open Forum was held after the talks to discuss the state of AI and machine learning in healthcare and how ACPSEM members can respond to this growing area.

Chris Noble led the discussions and highlighted some of the key issues raised by the use of AI and machine learning software, namely:
– How will AI be used in Medical Physics?
– Who is liable for the outcomes?
– Who has responsibility?
– How should ACPSEM members interact with Software as A Medical Device (SaMD)?
– Do we have sufficient expertise?

The general opinion was that ACPSEM members should position themselves in such a way that they are able to assess and verify the outcomes (e.g. diagnosis, treatment plans) that the software produces. Identifying the usefulness of apps, managing risks of adopting the software and being a part of the procurement process were also discussed.

More opportunities for professional development targeted specifically at this fast growing field are required.

Photo: Chris and Elliot discussing regulation of AI and machine learning software

PRIMPS 27 – MRI in Radiotherapy

PRIMPS is a regular informal ACPSEM Qld event that allows all ACPSEM members to present work to a group of their peers.

Presentations are invited from all ACPSEM Specialty Groups:
• Biomedical Engineering
• Diagnostic Imaging (Radiology and Nuclear Medicine)
• Radiation Oncology
• Radiation Protection
• Radiopharmaceutical Science
• University

To register to attend, visit the following link:

If you would like to present, please contact:
– Chris Noble ( or
– Mikey Bernardo (