2016 update from Mater Center

The Radiation Oncology Mater Centre (ROMC) has had an eventful year commissioning new hardware and bringing online new treatments. A new system for tracking the tumour position in real-time with RF beacons called Calypso was commissioned for the use in delivering VMAT treatments including hypofractionated prostate treatments. Further, VMAT for nearly all treatment areas is currently being used, with the final sites being developed in early 2017. Deep Inspiration breath hold treatments are also now available using the RPM system as well as SABR treatments for lung lesions. Further a new Xstrahl skin unit was brought online in the first half of 2016. The use of 3D printing in the department has also increased with a range of phantoms and jigs being constructed and used for Quality Assurance and research purposes.

Congratulations go to Lucy Sim for completing TEAP, and to Danielle Tyrrell for her new position with ROC.