GCUH Medical Imaging Tour

The attendees of the 14th PRIMPS meeting had the opportunity to have a tour of the new medical imaging facilities at the Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH). If you missed it – here are photos of some of the things we got to see (and the GCUH being constructed).

Thanks to Timothy Ireland for the photos (and the tour).

PRIMPS 13 in May

The next PRIMPS will be held at GCUH on Friday May 2nd. It is the first time the GCUH has been given the chance to host this event and we are very excited for everyone to come down and see the new hospital. All departments are encouraged to present – whether it’s projects you’ve been working on, practicing for an upcoming conference, seeking advice or just an update on what you’ve been up to at your centre. Everyone in the medical physics community is invited to attend and socialise, so please forward this invitation onto your non-member colleagues. An invitation flyer can be found here.

Transport may be arranged to help people travelling down from Brisbane if there is sufficient interest – please RSVP early if you would be interested in this option. The transport would also be arranged to go back to Brisbane after festivities.

Please RSVP to Bess Sutherland for presentations, attendance and interest in transport.