EPSM 2019 – Annual Conference of the ACPSEM

In recognition of 2019 being the International Year of the Periodic Table of Elements, our scientific program theme is Elements and Interactions. Advancements in science, engineering and technology in medicine happen when many people work together. Individuals bring their skills to their multidisciplinary teams, and those teams interact with others to create opportunities for advancement.

EPSM 2015 Recap

The 2015 Engineering and Physical Sciences in Medicine conference was convened in Wellington from the 8th to 12th November. Members from the Queensland branch were prominent, with a number of presentations (listed here) and plenty of posters (hopefully appearing at the upcoming PRIMPS event, described here)!

Queensland branch member Ian Smith (St. Andrews War Memorial Hospital) will be assuming the role of the ACPSEM President starting next year (having been the Vice President for the past 2 years), joined by Tanya Kairn (Genesis Cancer Care Queensland) in the Honorary Registrar position.

Katrina Biggerstaff (Princess Alexandria Hospital) did well in the Photography in Medical Physics competition, winning 3rd and 2nd  places in the macro category, with photos of the Gamma Knife source, secondary carousel edge and thyratron (seen below).

A paper from Queensland, “Treatment plan complexity metrics for predicting IMRT pre-treatment quality assurance results” by S. B. Crowe, T. Kairn, J. Kenny, R. T. Knight, B. Hill, C. M. Langton and J. V. Trapp, was the runner up for the 2015 Kenneth Clarke Award.

See you in Sydney next year!

EPSM 2015 Queensland speakers

Today is Medical Physics day! AKA the birth date of Marie Sklodowska-Curie, who on this day in 1867 was born in Warsaw, Poland. She is most famous for her contributions to medical physics: her discovery of polonium and radium in 1898; and her subsequent Nobel Prizes in 1903 and 1911. That makes today Medical Physics day!

It also means that EPSM, the annual Australasian medical physics conference, is about to convene. The conference will kick off with a welcome reception tomorrow at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. Looking at the programme schedule, it appears we have 12 speakers from the Queensland state branch this year!

Monday, 9th November
Time Speaker Presentation
14:15 Scott Crowe Initiatives of the ACPSEM Queensland branch
16:00 Catherine Jones Optimisation of EBT3 dosimetry for quality assurance of SRS and hypo-fractionated VMAT radiotherapy treatments
16:30 Scott Crowe Women in medical physics: numbers in Australasia
17:15 Millicent Chan Commissioning of the electron module in the Pinnacle3 treatment planning system

Tuesday, 10th November
Time Speaker Presentation
11:00 Scott Crowe 3D printing of air slab caps for correction free small field dosimetry
11:15 Tanya Kairn Use of 3D printing to produce radiologically robust phantoms
14:30 Salma Ibrahim Very small field dosimetry for Elekta Infinity with Agility MLC: diode design and field size reporting
17:00 Scott Crowe On the selecton of gamma criteria
17:15 Catherine Jones A phantom based study of the effect of intra-fraction motion on EPID dosimetry

Wednesday, 11th November
Time Speaker Presentation
10:15 Ian Smith Evaluating the influence of radiographers on radiation use in cardiac angiography procedures
13:45 Sarah-Ellyana Aliuddin Comparison of paediatric CT doses for common examinations in Queensland, Australia

Thursday, 12th November
Time Speaker Presentation
11:00 Tanya Kairn Achievable dose gradients in spinal radiotherapy treatments delivered via Tomotherapy

EPSM 2015 Reminder

Just a reminder – the abstract submission deadline for the upcoming EPSM conference in Wellington is Wednesday 15th July. This deadline has already been extended once – don’t miss your chance! The EPSM 2015 conference will be held at the beautiful Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. Abstracts can be submitted here.