Bob Fitchew Member of the Year Award, 2017

The ACPSEM Queensland branch is proud to announce the winner of the Bob Fitchew Member of the Year Award for 2017; Bess Sutherland.

The Bob Fitchew Member of the Year Award recognises the achievements of Queensland members of the ACPSEM in the following areas:

  • Contributions to the workplace,
  • Contributions to the broader physical sciences & engineering community,
  • Contributions to the ACPSEM, and
  • Innovations in engineering and physical sciences.

Bess Sutherland made a significant contribution to both Genesis QLD and ROC in the recent past, including her role as the lead physicist on the implementation of spine SABR and commissioning two new Elekta linacs at Rockhampton. Bess served as the branch secretary, contributing to local events and the national newsletter. She published 5 papers since 2015. Bess moved to Western Australia in 2017, to develop new services with ROC; but this award recognises her significant contributions during her time in Queensland.

We would also like to acknowledge the runners up who have also made amazing contributions to their workplace and ACPSEM:

Mikey Bernado has been an active and enthusiastic member of the ACPSEM QLD committee branch since 2016. He has presented at numerous branch events, and ensured diagnostic imaging has been consistently represented. This year Mikey volunteered his time to the organisation of both the QLD branch Winter School and the EPSM Summer School. Clinically, he has been responsible for the establishment of the Sunshine Coast University Hospital Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics service, following his certification in 2016.

Trent Aland became the National Deputy Director of Physics for ICON Cancer Centres in May 2017. Since joining ROC/ICON, Trent has lead service development projects including MPC on TrueBeam systems, beam holding for seed based prostate patients, automation, RGSC, and recently the commissioning of the first Halcyon system in the Asia Pacific Region. His research work involving film dosimetry has produced multiple publications over the past 2 years, and one of the highest cited papers published in APESM.

Thanks go to our distinguished panel of judges and heartfelt congratulations go to our winner. Bess Sutherland, we miss you!

25th Symposium recap

The 25th ACPSEM Queensland branch symposium was held on the 28th August, 2015, at the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

The day started with the 2nd ACPSEMQ winter school on introducing new technology in the clinic. Dr. Jonathan Sykes spoke on the topic before the DIMPs and ROMPs split up to attend workshops. The DIMPs visited the new PET/MR at the Princess Alexandra Hospital and enjoyed presentations from Prof. Ken Miles, Dr. Anders Rodell and Tale Liiv. The ROMPs split into groups for a series of commissioning challenges, where they were asked how they would implement: SRS with the GammaKnife (with Katrina Biggerstaff), SBRT with the Vero (with Scott Crowe), proton therapy (with Paul Charles), and MR linacs (with John Shakeshaft).

The symposium began after lunch with the invited speakers Dr. Jonathan Sykes and Prof. Dale Bailey. The proferred presentations started after afternoon tea, with Ben Perrett and Mikey Bernado awarded the Symposium prizes for best presentations, while Scott Crowe won the ‘best kept to time’ prize.

Tim Ireland was awarded the Bob Fitchew award, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the profession, both in terms of physics support at the Gold Coast University Hospital, and his many contributions to the branch.


25th ACPSEMQ Symposium

The 25th ACPSEM Queensland branch symposium will be held on the 28th August, 2015, at the Russell Strong Auditorium, Princess Alexandra Hospital. The Winter School, introduced last year, will also be returning. The theme for the day is “Future Innovations and Healthcare Technology.”

Winter School

The winter school will begin at 9AM at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. Workshops will be run for both DIMPs and ROMPs on the introduction of new technologies in the clinic. A DIMP flyer and ROMP flyer are available.

The winter school is free for members of the ACPSEM. DIMPs interested in attending should email Tim Ireland. ROMPs interested in attending should email Katrina Biggerstaff. RSVP before the 14th of August.


This year marks the 25th ACPSEM Queensland branch symposium. We have invited 2 keynote speakers from New South Wales –

  • Prof. Dale Bailey, from the School of Medical Radiation Sciences at the University of Sydney and principal medical physicist at the Royal North Shore Hospital.
  • Dr. Jonathan Sykes, head of radiation oncology medical physics at the Blacktown Cancer Care Centre and chief research physicist for the Sydney West Radiation Oncology Network.

More information, including a timetable, can be found on the flyer.

The call for presentations is open until the 14th of August. Those interested should send a brief description of their topic to Katrina Biggerstaff. Speakers will be allocated 5 minutes to deliver their presentation and 2 minutes for questions. There will be prizes!

Those who only wish to attend can RSVP to, you guessed it, Katrina Biggerstaff, by 14th of August.