Radiation Oncology Treatment Centres

Radiation oncology services in Queensland are provided by both the public sector (Queensland Health) and the private sector (Genesis CancerCare Queensland, Oceania Oncology and Radiation Oncology Queensland). A number of privately-operated centres treat patients in the public system (for example, at the Cairns Base Hospital and the Gold Coast University Hospital).

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The map contains a number of not-yet opened centres, including the Sunshine Coast University Hospital, and Rockhampton Hospital. A wider Australian list (with a map) can be found here.

Queensland Health

qld-healthQueensland Health, a department of the government of Queensland, is currently responsible for operating a number of radiation oncology treatment centres in 3 health districts: Metro North (the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital), Metro South (the Princess Alexandra Hospital and the Mater Cancer Care Centre) and Townsville (the Townsville Hospital).

The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital is the largest treatment centre in Queensland, this centre was the first in Australia to install a linear accelerator and (somewhat more recently) the first to install a TomoTherapy unit. The RBWH is one of the few centres in Australia that offer TomoTherapy treatments and is the only centre offering pulsed dose rate brachytherapy. The centre also offers unsealed source radiation therapy, high dose rate brachytherapy, orthovoltage and superficial kilovoltage therapies; and has 4 linear accelerators providing IMRT and conventional radiation therapy treatments.  The RBWH also offer total body irradiation and total skin electron therapy treatment options.

Queensland Health operate 2 centres within Metro South Hospital and Health Services: the Princess Alexandra Hospital and Radiation Oncology Mater Centre at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital. The PAH is the second largest radiation oncology treatment centre in Brisbane, with 5 Elekta linear accelerators; and offering IMRT, VMAT and SBRT treatments, along with PET-based treatment planning. The PAH acquired a Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery treatment system in 2015. ROMC provides Paediatric Oncology services, in addition to treating the general population. ROMC uses the Pinnacle treatment planning system in conjunction with 4 Varian linear accelerators.

The Townsville Cancer Centre at the Townsville Hospital is the hub for cancer services in North Queensland. The centre has 3 linear accelerators and a superficial x-ray unit, and offer brachytherapy treatments. Queensland Health will be opening an additional centre at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital in the near future.

 Genesis CancerCare Queensland

genesisGenesis CancerCare Queensland is a private radiation oncology provider that started trading as the Wesley Radiation Oncology at the Wesley Hospital in Auchenflower, Brisbane, in 1988. They adopted the name Premion in 2007, and by 2009 had opened their current 5 treatment centres: at the Wesley Hospital and Chermside Medical Complex in Brisbane, at Southport and the John Flynn Hospital on the Gold Coast, and at Nambour on the Sunshine Coast. Genesis Care (a national radiation oncology provider, with centres in NSW, SA, VIC and WA) purchased Premion in 2014. Genesis CancerCare Queensland will be opening an additional centre at Rockhampton in 2016.

Genesis CancerCare Queensland currently (circa. 2015) have 11 Varian linear accelerators across 5 centres. Their external beam radiotherapy program includes intensity-modulated radiotherapy, volumetric-modulated arc therapy and stereotactic radiotherapy. Brachytherapy treatments are available at the Wesley and John Flynn centres. Superficial X-ray therapy treatments are additionally offered at the John Flynn Hospital. Genesis CancerCare Queensland uses the BrainLab iPlan and Varian Eclipse planning systems.

Radiation Oncology Centres

Radiation Oncology Centres (ROC) is a private radiation therapy company that prides itself on delivering exceptional patient care and developing its people. ROC opened its first department in Toowoomba in 2007 and has grown rapidly with a new centre opening in Cairns in 2011 followed by the Gold Coast in 2014 and Springfield in 2015. In 2015, ROC (then ROQ, Radiation Oncology Queensland) acquired Oceania Oncology, a private radiation oncology provider with sites at Maroochydore, Bundaberg and Harvey Bay. A new centre is expected to be opened in North Lakes in 2016.

ROC currently utilises Varian and Elekta linear accelerators, the Eclipse and Pinnacle planning systems and ARIA and Mosaiq clinical information systems. Practices at each of the centres have been aligned wherever possible, to ensure staff are able to move seamlessly between sites. Current clinical techniques include IMRT, VMAT, stereotactic treatments (intra-cranial and extra-cranial) and deep-inspiration breath hold (DIBH) for breast patients.

In recognition of its dedication in supporting and developing its employees ROC (then ROQ) was recently named one of “BRW’s Top 25 Best Places to Work” in 2014.