Publications in 2018

The following list serves to promote the outstanding research output of Queensland medical physicists who happen to be members of the ACPSEM Queensland branch (names underlined) during 2018. (List is numbered in order of date of acceptance.)

  1. D. Binny, C. M. Lancaster, M. Byrne, T. Kairn, J. V. Trapp, S. B. Crowe, “Tomotherapy treatment site specific planning using statistical process control”, Physica Medica in press (2018)
  2. J. Rijken, T. Kairn, S. Crowe, L. Muñoz, J. Trapp, “A simple method to account for skin dose enhancement during treatment planning of VMAT treatments of patients in contact with immobilisation equipment“, Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics 19(4): 239-245 (2018)
  3. Z.Y. Shan, K. Finegan, S. Bhuta, T. Ireland, D.R. Staines, S.M. Marshall-Gradisnik, L.R. Barnden LR, “Decreased Connectivity and Increased Blood Oxygenation Level Dependent Complexity in the Default Mode Network in Individuals with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome“, Brain Connectivity 8(1): 33-39 (2018)
  4. Z.Y. Shan, K. Finegan, S. Bhuta, T. Ireland, D.R. Staines, S.M. Marshall-Gradisnik, L.R. Barnden, “Brain function characteristics of chronic fatigue syndrome: A task fMRI study“, NeuroImage: Clinical 19: 279-286 (2018)
  5. INVITED EDITORIAL: T. Kairn, “Patient rotation during linac-based photon and electron radiotherapy”, Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology, in press (2018)
  6. J. Rijken, B. Jordan, S. Crowe, T. Kairn, J. Trapp, “Improving accuracy for stereotactic ablative radiotherapy treatments of spinal metastases”, Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics (in press), 2018
  7. D. Binny, T. Kairn, C. M. Lancaster, J. V. Trapp, S. B. Crowe, “Photon Optimizer (PO) versus Progressive Resolution Optimizer (PRO): A conformality and complexity based comparison for Intensity Modulated Arc Therapy plans”, Medical Dosimetry, in press (2018)
  8. D. Binny, C. M. Lancaster, T. Kairn, J. V. Trapp, S. B. Crowe, “Radiotherapy quality assurance using statistical process control”, IFMBE Proceedings 68/3: 437-442 (2018)
  9. T. Kairn, S. Zolfaghari, D. Papworth, M. West, D. Schlect, S. B. Crowe, “Stereotactic radiosurgery for multiple brain metastases: A dose-volume study”, IFMBE Proceedings  68/3: 443-445 (2018)
  10. L. Yu, T. Kairn, S. B. Crowe, “Retrospective audit of patient specific quality assurance results obtained using helical diode arrays”, IFMBE Proceedings  68/3: 447-450 (2018)
  11. C. Milewski, S. C. Peet, S. R. Sylvander, S. B. Crowe, T. Kairn, “Optimising a radiotherapy optical surface monitoring system to account for the effects of patient skin contour and skin colour”, IFMBE Proceedings 68/3: 451-454 (2018)
  12. S. B. Crowe, T. Kairn, “Calibration seed sampling for iodine-125 prostate brachytherapy”, IFMBE Proceedings 68/3: 459-462 (2018)
  13. S. B. Crowe, S. Sylvander, T. Kairn, “Radiotherapy dose measurements using a fluorescing quinine solution”, IFMBE Proceedings 68/3: 545-548 (2018)
  14. T. Kairn, S. C. Peet, L. Yu, S. B. Crowe, “Long-term reliability of optically stimulated luminescence dosimeters”, IFMBE Proceedings 68/3: 561-564 (2018)
  15. T. Kairn, H. Stephens, S. B. Crowe, S. Peet, “Optically stimulated luminescence dosimeters as an alternative to radiographic film for performing head-wrap linac leakage measurements”, IFMBE Proceedings 68/3: 553-555, 2018
  16. T. Kairn, S. B. Crowe, S. C. Peet, “Linac leakage dose received by patients treated using non-coplanar radiotherapy beams”, IFMBE Proceedings 68/3: 549-551 (2018)
  17. S. Khoei, M. West, T. Kairn, “Measurement of percentage depth-dose profiles in very small fields“, IFMBE Proceedings 68/3: 557-560 (2018)
  18. L. K. Webb, E. K. Inness, P. H. Charles, “A comparative study of three small-field detectors for patient specific stereotactic arc dosimetry“, Australasian Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine, 41(1): 217-223 (2018)
  19. E. Spelleken, S. B. Crowe, B. Sutherland, C. Challens, T. Kairn, “Accuracy and efficiency of published film dosimetry techniques using a flat-bed scanner and EBT3 film”, Australasian Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine, 41(1): 117-128 (2018)
  20. C. Chamunyonga, J. Burbery, P. Caldwell, P. Rutledge, A. Fielding, S. Crowe, “Utilising the Virtual Environment for Radiotherapy Training system to support undergraduate teaching of IMRT, VMAT, DCAT treatment planning, and QA Concepts”, Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences 49(1): 31-38 (2018)
  21. J. Baines, S. Zawlodzka, T. Markwell, M. Chan, “Measured and Monte Carlo simulated surface dose reduction for superficial X-rays incident on tissue with underlying air or bone”, Medical Physics, 45(2): 926-933 (2018)
  22. POINT/COUNTERPOINT: A. Fielding, J. I. Prisciandaro, C. G. Orton, “Changes and demands in the higher education sector are increasingly making advanced degree medical physics programs nonviable and the profession will have to develop a new model for delivering such education”, Medical Physics, 45(1): 1-4 (2018)

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