Past Events


The annual conference of the ACPSEM, Engineering & Physical Science in Medicine, currently rotates between state branches. Past EPSM events (and other conferences Queensland has hosted) are listed here:

  • Engineering & Physical Sciences in Medicine, Brisbane, 1988. [Flyer]
  • Physical Sciences in Medicine and Biomedical Engineering, Gold Coast, 1992.
  • Engineering & Physical Sciences in Medicine, Gold Coast, 1999.
  • Engineering & Physical Sciences in Medicine, Sunshine Coast, 2006.
  • Combined Scientific Meeting, Brisbane, 2009 (22 – 25 October).
  • Engineering & Physical Sciences in Medicine conference, Gold Coast, 2012.


The ACPSEM Queensland branch symposium is the annual one-day scientific meeting of Queensland’s clinical and academic medical physicists and engineers, usually attended by around 100 members and affiliates of the local branch, who come together to share ideas, generate collaborations and promote research aimed at advancing the quality and safety of medical care.

  1. Wesley Hospital, 31 October.
  2. Wesley Hospital, 7 August. Invited speakers: Dr. Tomas Kron, giving the president’s address; Duncan Butler, with an update on ARPANSA direct calibration standards for photons and electrons; Mark West, discussing ROMP training in Queensland; Dr. Brendan Healy, reporting on the inaugural 2009 kV dosimetry meeting; and Dr. David Schlect / Dr. Tanya Kairn / John Kenny discussing stereotactic radiosurgery. [Symposium 2009 Flyer]
  3. Princess Alexandra Hospital, 6 August. Invited speakers: Prof. Eva Bezak, discussing ACPSEM at an Australasian level; Dr. Lois Holloway, speaking about a proposal for an in-line MRI linac at Liverpool hospital; and Dr. Greg Pedrazinna, with an update on the CERN LHC and a discussion of the implications for medical physics. [Symposium 2010 Flyer]
  4. Princess Alexandra Hospital, 5 August. Invited speakers: Prof. David Thwaites, speaking on current developments in radiation oncology medical physics with examples from Leeds and Sydney; Dr. Nicholas Dowson, speaking on whether FDOPA PET should be used to plan post-surgery radiotherapy for Gioblastoma Multiforme; Prof. Bryan Burmeister, speaking on current research within the Trans Tasman Radiation Oncology Group; and Dr. Ivan Williams and John Kenny, introducing the Australian Clinical Dosimetry Service. [Symposium 2011 Flyer]
  5. Queensland University of Technology, 28 September. Invited speakers: Prof. Mark Pearcy, speaking on biomedical engineering and medical physics research at QUT; Dr. Anna Ralston, speaking of the measurement of output factors in small fields; Dr. Jeorg Lehmann, speaking on the current status of the ACDS audit program and future directions; and Danny Schick, speaking on CT dose optimisation. [Symposium 2012 Flyer]
  6. Queensland University of Technology, 4 October. Invited speakers: Prof. Paul Keall, discussing the MRI Linac project; Prof. Graham Galloway, with an update on the centre for advanced imaging; and Pete Bridge, with a summary of the findings of a state-wide radiotherapy treatment survey. [Symposium 2013 Flyer]
  7. Princess Alexandra Hospital, 1 August. Invited speakers: Dr. Robin Hill, Dr. Donald McLean, and Dr. Kieran O’Brien. [Symposium 2014 Flyer]
  8. Princess Alexandra Hospital, 28 August. Invited speakers: Dr. Jonathan Sykes, presenting on the past, present and future of medical physics; and Prof. Dale Bailey, discussing hybrid and novel imaging. [Symposium 2015 Flyer]

Annual General Meeting

  1. Plough Inn, South Brisbane, 6th December.
  2. The Kookaburra Cafe, Paddington, 5th December.
  3. Queensland Maritime Museum, 27th November.


PRIMPS (Progress and Research in Medical Physics) is a regular informal ACPSEMQ event that allows medical physicists to present work to a group of their peers.

  1. Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, November 2009. [PIMPs 1 Flyer]
  2. Mater Hospital, February 2010. [PRIMPS 2 Flyer]
  3. Princess Alexandra Hospital, May 2010. [PRIMPS 3 Flyer]
  4. St. Andrew’s Hospital, 12th November 2010. [PRIMPS 4 Flyer] [The famous bus]
  5. Queensland University of Technology, March 2011. [PRIMPS 5 Flyer]
  6. Premion Chermside, June 2011.
  7. Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, 27th October 2011. [PRIMPS 7 Flyer]
  8. Plough Inn, 9th March 2012. [PRIMPS 8 Flyer]
  9. Mater Hospital, 20 July 2012. [PRIMPS 9 Flyer]
  10. Plough Inn, 22nd March 2013. [PRIMPS 10 Flyer]
  11. Queensland University of Technology, 31st May 2013. [PRIMPS 11 Flyer]
  12. Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, 31st January 2014. Invited speaker: Dr. Jason Dowling, speaking on MRI-alone based radiotherapy treatment planning. [PRIMPS 12 Flyer]
  13. Gold Coast University Hospital, 2nd May 2014. Invited speaker: Mr. Sam Towns, speaking on developing applications of dual-energy CT in radiotherapy. [PRIMPS 13 Flyer]
  14. Coorparoo Bowls Club, 21st November 2014. Topic for the round table: radiation safety. [PRIMPS 14 Flyer]
  15. Norman Hotel, 27th February 2015. Topic for the round table: “QA procedures are outdated and negatively impact the reduction of errors”. [PRIMPS 15 Flyer]
  16. Translational Research Institute, 5th June 2015. Introduction to Radiation Oncology and Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics: Research, education and community. [PRIMPS 16 Flyer]
  17. Queensland Maritime Museum, 27th November 2015. ACPSEM QLD Super Social! Included a poster session. It was combined with the AGM.
  18. Princess Alexandra Hospital, 11th March 2016. Tour of molecular imaging and radiation oncology departments, with particular interest in the PET-MRI and Gamma Knife systems. [PRIMPS 18 Flyer]
  19. Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital, 6th May 2016. Featured a show-and-tell session with old equipment, and tours of the Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Oncology departments facilitated by Dr. Matthew Griffiths and Mr. Steven Sylvander.
  20. GO Lounge, 2nd December 2016. Social event combined with the AGM.
  21. Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital, 3rd March 2017.
  22. Radiation Oncology Centres Redlands, 28th May 2017.


QBUG (Queensland BEAMnrc User Group) meetings were informal events where medical physicists discussed the use of EGSnrc-based simulations of aspects of radiation therapy.

  • Queensland University of Technology, 31st October, 2008
  • Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, 27th October, 2011