The ACPSEMQ aims to promote collaboration in research and development amongst the membership. Those wishing to meet and discuss research with local physicists are encouraged to attend ACPSEMQ events. Those looking for a collaborator on a specific project can look at the following lists, which provide the contact details for members who are open to research proposals.

Radiation Oncology

The following physicists have research duties at their respective centres:

and can be contacted by those interested in collaboration. Regular research meetings are held to discuss current research, promote the sharing of expertise and equipment between centres, and propose new projects.

Those interested in the Masters of Applied Science (Medical Physics) degree offered at QUT can read more here.  Those interested in pursuing a Ph.D. can contact one of the following staff members at QUT: Andrew Fielding (radiotherapy physics), Christian Langton (ultrasound physics), or Jamie Trapp (radiation dosimetry); or a clinical physicist with an appointment at QUT: Paul Charles (radiotherapy physics), Scott Crowe (radiotherapy physics), or Tanya Kairn (radiotherapy physics).

Please contact the communications officer with any additions or corrections.