The ACPSEMQ hold the following events throughout the year:

  • March – PRIMPS
  • June – PRIMPS
  • September – Branch Symposium & Winter School
  • December – PRIMPS
  • December – Annual general meeting

A list of upcoming events with date/location is available on this link.

Annual Branch Symposium

The annual ACPSEM Queensland Branch symposium will feature invited speakers, proffered presentations and awards. Since 2014, this event has been held with a Branch Winter School (a national Summer School is typically held by the college near the annual EPSM conference). The event is typically held in August.

Annual Branch Meeting

The ABM is a meeting open to all members to discuss past and future activities of the ACPSEM Queensland Branch. The event is typically held in December.


An informal ACPSEM QLD event that allows ACPSEM Qld Branch Members to present work to a group of their peers. This is an opportunity to see current developments and projects within the ACPSEM community, practice/prepare for upcoming presentations, seek advice or support from the community as well as socialise with other Branch Members. The branch aims to hold 3 a year, generally around March, June and December.

Social Events:

ACPSEM QLD will hold social events during the year with the aim to develop relationships between ACPSEM members from all disciplines and prospective members (e.g. Medical Physics students, professional staff from other societies/associations).