The Bob Fitchew Award

The Bob Fitchew Member of the Year Award, colloquially called the Fitch, was created to recognise the achievements of Queensland members of the ACPSEM and to establish an ongoing culture of recognition of outstanding work performed by a Queensland member. The award was named after Mr. Bob Fitchew in recognition of his outstanding career long contribution to the ACPSEM, to radiation oncology, and to cancer care in general. Bob’s contributions to the ACPSEM have been recognised nationally with him being awarded the ACPSEM distinguished service award. The winner of the Bob Fitchew award is announced at the local symposium.

The winners of the Bob Fitchew Award have been:

  1. Nigel Middlebrook: Obtained ACPSEM certification in 2011. Service coordinator for IMRT/IGRT and kV therapy at Premion. Member of the ACPSEM QLD Branch committee for 2012 and 2013, the 2012 summer school organising committee and was the event convener for EPSM 2012.
  2. Tanya Kairn: Obtained ACPSEM certification in 2013. Member of the ACPSEM QLD Branch committee from 2012 and adjunct professor at QUT. Prolific scientific author despite clinical workload, with 42 peer-reviewed papers at the time of writing.
  3. Timothy Ireland: Responsible for arranging commissioning of diagnostic imaging at the Gold Coast University Hospital. Enthusiastic member of the ACPSEM QLD branch committee for approximately 4 years, and, at the time of writing, the vice chairperson. Made significant contributions to ACPSEMQ events in that time.
  4. Scott Crowe: Member of ACPSEM QLD branch committee, national council and Chair of the Professional Standards Board. Supervised QUT MSc and PhD students, and had 44 peer-reviewed papers at the time of her nomination.
  5. Bess Sutherland: Obtained ACPSEM certification in 2015. Secretary of ACPSEM QLD branch committee, contributing to local events and the national newsletter. Helped to improve the depth and breath of radiotherapy services in Queensland by, for example, leading Genesis’ spine SABR implementation in Brisbane and Gold Coast and commissioning two new Elekta linacs at Rockhampton.

Nominations for the awards are generally open from May to June each year.

ACPSEMQ Symposium Presentation Prize

The best two proffered presentations at the ACPSEM Queensland Branch annual symposium are awarded prizes. The winners of these prizes have been:

  1. Scott Crowe, Rebecca Moylan
  2. Lucy Sim, Pavthrun Pathmanathan
  3. none awarded
  4. Deborah Tout, Tim Markwell
  5. Luke Webb, Deborah Tout
  6. Benjamin Perrett, Michael Bernado
  7. Luke Webb, Tanya Kairn