About the ACPSEMQ

The ACPSEM Queensland Branch (ACPSEMQ) executes the local interests of members of the ACPSEM and also aims to provide opportunities that complement the broader benefits of ACPSEM membership.

The Queensland Branch contains a Branch Committee composed of a Branch Chair, Branch Vice-Chair, Records member, Finance member and General members.

The Branch Committee represents about 70 members across a broad range of specialities including Radiation Oncology, Diagnostic Imaging, Biomedical Engineering and University academics.

Branch Activities

Activities of the ACPSEMQ branch include:

  1. Regular Branch Committee meetings aimed at executing the interests of QLD members.
  2. Annual local symposium. This is usually held in the second half of each year and contains a mix of invited speakers, educational presentations, and proffered papers.
  3. Progress and research in medical physics series (PRIMPS). There are usually four of these per annum and are hosted by local physics departments. These are low key events aimed at raising awareness of local clinical issues and research as well as providing an excellent networking opportunity for members.
  4. Consultation on (local) matters relevant to our profession(s) (e.g. comments on radiation regulatory proposals and national registration of medical physicists).
  5. Other educational events such as vendor education evenings.

Joining ACPSEM

Membership in ACPSEM is open to those who are working or studying within the fields of physical sciences and engineering in medicine. Instructions for joining can be found at the national ACPSEM site here.

Current Committee

The current committee (c. 2021) is as follows:

  • Branch Chair: Emma Whittle
  • Branch Vice-Chair: Christopher Noble
  • Records: Emma Spelleken
  • Finance: <vacant> being filled by Vice Chair
  • General Member: Ian Smith
  • General Member: Kirstie Caravani
  • General Member: Richard Short

Past committee members can be seen here.