4DMedical XV Technology Webinar

ACPSEM Queensland will be hosting a free webinar describing some of the exciting technological developments in x-ray velocimetry and lung imaging made by Dr Andreas Fouras and 4DMedical.

From origins in aerospace engineering measuring airflow across aircraft surfaces in minute detail, 4DMedical was incorporated in 2012 to acquire an imaging platform and associated intellectual property from Monash University where it was originally conceived and developed by Dr Andreas Fouras and his research group. This XV Technology™ is the first FDA/TGA cleared respiratory imaging solution using mathematical models and algorithms to convert sequences of X-ray images into four-dimensional quantitative data. The result of over 15 years of development and published preclinical / clinical studies is a revolution in respiratory imaging and ventilation analysis poised to supersede existing respiratory diagnostic modalities, fundamentally changing outcomes for patients with lung disease.

Dr Fouras provides an overview on the background and need for 4DMedical’s XV Technology™, its algorithmic basis, the challenges of translating this into clinical outcomes, and an insight into future developments by 4DMedical – recipients of $29.9m of funding in the latest MRFF grant round.

Please register on the ACPSEM website and a webinar invite will be emailed to you.